[All's Not Fair in Love or War]
Author: Marlan Warren
Publisher: Roadmap Girl Publications
Release Date: 2/23/2015
Genres: Contemporary Women's Fiction 
World War II Japanese American Internment; Divorce; 
Interracial Dating  
Print Length: 332 pages 
Available: Amazon Digital Services - Kindle E-Book Only 

 "The mind cannot process sex."
--Roadmaps for the Sexually Challenged


Two people meet, both with the "band-aids still on" from broken relationships and carrying the scars of their history. Set in the mid-90s with the O.J. trial in the background and plenty of L.A. vibe, this funny, steamy novel follows a hot romance between a divorcing woman in her late 30s and a 40-year old Japanese American man who bears the scars suffered by his family during World War II. Her women friends cheer from the sidelines, but also struggle with their own hard-won beliefs about love and sex. The story explores two main concepts echoed in the words of her friends: “The mind cannot process sex” and "Don’t go unconscious for love." 

A great read, a page turner. Marlan’s narrative skills result in sparkling and effortless prose. However, be not fooled by its ease. Her novel (part memoir), years in the works, is carefully, precisely and cleverly crafted. It’s funny and moving. Carrie with her dilemmas, passion and hopes is so real. A great read. A sequel please!
--Pawel Kuczynski, Delos Films (Deaf Ears Madness Blog

Set in 1990’s L.A. against the backdrop of the 1994 O.J. Simpson trial. What sets this book apart is its key messages as it deals with relationships across different cultures while addressing the realities women face when change is enforced upon them by life-altering events such as divorce. Carrie Walker, the lead character, now alone after many years of marriage, has to go through various stages to reinvent herself and find what and whom she really wants in her life. Her steamy relationship with the Japanese American Shane is part of that cathartic process. From this point of view the book is really more contemporary women’s fiction than erotic romance.
--Celia Conrad, Author of Alicia Allen Investigates Trilogy

Funny, sexy and seems true about life at a time in L.A. Fast paced, it depicts everyone's desire to be loved, to be whole, and its compassionate about our failures while also proud of our occasional successes. Recommended to those with some experience in life, because it's not a fairy tale. Very entertaining.--Howard Mandel, Author of Future Jazz and National Public Radio producer

Marlan Warren is a witty, wild, highly observant writer who has her way with words. ‘Roadmaps for the Sexually Challenged’ is crazy, sad, sexy fun. An intimate look at the wild side of cross-cultural relationships and the power of the Tao.
Judith Fein, Author of My Life Is a Trip: The Transformative Magic of Travel

If you've ever traveled a rough road of romance anywhere, and got lost, "Roadmaps" can take you back. Retrace your steps and you will recognize landmarks you might have missed before, in the same places you once took a wrong turn. Wherever you may travel, may you come to a point like "Roadmaps" brings us to, with a dazzling three hundred and sixty degree view.--Honor Bright, Amazon Reviewer

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