Marlan Warren is a witty, wild, highly observant writer who has her way with words. ‘Roadmaps for the Sexually Challenged’ is crazy, sad, sexy fun. An intimate look at the wild side of cross-cultural relationships and the power of the Tao.—Judith Fein, Author of “My Life Is a Trip: The Transformational Power of Travel”

On Sat., March 7 and Sun., March 8, Roadmap Girl Publications in collaboration with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) will launch Marlan Warren’s debut novel, “Roadmaps for the Sexually Challenged [All’s Not Fair in Love or War]” with a Kindle E-Book Giveaway.

Title: Roadmaps for the Sexually Challenged [All’s Not Fair in Love or War]
Author: Marlan Warren
Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Kindle E-Book Only: 332 pages
Publisher: Roadmap Girl Publications
Pub. Date: Feb. 23, 2015
Author Contact: memoircity at gmail
Facebook: Marlan Warren, Author

“I can’t believe how fast this process moves,” said Warren. “Amazon announced it as a ‘Hot New Release in Divorce’ a few days after it was published as a Kindle E-Book. Reviews and sales are already popping up."

“Roadmaps for the Sexually Challenged” is set in the City of the Lost Angels in the mid-90s with the O.J. trial in the background. It follows the hot romance of a divorcing Jewish American woman with a Japanese American man who bears the scars suffered by his family during World War II. As both are on the rebound, the woman’s girlfriends cheer from the sidelines, but issue warnings.

“One of my favorite lines is from one of Carrie’s friends who says, ‘The mind cannot process sex,’” said Warren. “It sums up the book."

"Roadmaps" has its roots in Warren's 1994 diary entries and now stands as a “fictionalized memoir.” The veteran documentary filmmaker and screenwriter added: “The first draft was finished before there was a ‘Sex and the City.’ But it covers similar topics. The 90s produced stories of women exploring their sexual ‘freedom’ and feeling less than thrilled with the results.”

Warren credited the 70s "Fear of Flying" author Erica Jong with opening the literary door. "Jong boldly wrote about sex and made it sound like a necessary component to learning how to care for one's soul."

For those who may be Kindle-less, Amazon offers a free download app for smartphones. "And I have some excerpts on the book's blog," Warren said. "They give more plot points than the 'peek inside' option."

"The Asian man/Caucasian woman dating aspect in the book is not a small thing," said Warren. "A lot of Americans know nothing about the Asian American experience. It's rare for media to portray Asian American men as romantic leads in fiction. I tried for years with other projects and hit the wall every time in Hollywood."

Just how sexy is it? “Not as graphic as earlier drafts,” Warren said with a laugh. “But it’s still very erotic when it needs to be. I’d say about Fifty Shades of Hot.”

Stacey R. Campbell: Scream

Hello, Bellevue, Washington!
Tues., 8/11 @ 6pm
University of Washington Bookstore will host Book Launch Party!
Stacey R. Campbell Will Read & Sign
Her New Teen Thriller,

University of Washington welcomes back prolific author Stacey R. Campbell Tues., Aug. 11 at 6pm to celebrate the launch of her new teen novel, SCREAM--Book 3 in "The Lakeview Series." 

Murder + Teen Murder Witness + Planted Drugs = A senior girl’s perfect last year and perfect boyfriend nearly ruined.

And what does all this have to do with Scary Boarding School Lunches? Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Stacey R. Campbell says, "You don't need to know the other two books to enjoy this one." 

Door prizes! Refreshments! Win a free book! Be one of the first to get an autographed first edition and meet Stacey in person!

Want more details about the event? Check out:

University of Washington Bookstore  
990 102nd Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004
Hours: Monday - Friday\nSaturday\nSunday\n\n9:00am-8:00pm\n10:00am-6:00pm\n12:00pm-5:00pm

For the full scoop on SCREAM, read on:
Title: Scream (Book 3, Lakeview Novel Series)
Author: Stacey R. Campbell
Publisher: Green Darner Press
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Pub. Date: July 20, 2015
ISBN: 978-0986439001
Paperback and E-Book Formats              Pages: 202
Available on Amazon
“Oh yeah and there’s a reason the food sucks...
I’ll bet the garbage they’re serving us isn’t even prison grade.”

Seattle, WA, June 16Coinciding with recent California news reports about alleged corruption behind the poor quality of school lunches, on July 20, Green Darner Press will release Stacey R. Campbell's Scream—a teen thriller with evil school cafeteria staff at its core

The third novel in Campbell’s Young Adult "Lakeview Series" finds its heroine, Halle Henry, kicking off her senior year with the perfect boyfriend, perfect roommate (his twin sister) and the prospect of getting into the perfect college—all of which become endangered when her boyfriend Alex witnesses a murder and ends up expelled for drugs planted in his backpack. Faced with uncooperative adults, Halle devises her own plan to corner the culprits using all the high-tech electronic equipment and methods at her disposal from full-on Internet, social media and digital tools to ordering spy stuff off Amazon. Halle joins forces with an unlikely ally—Alex’s edgy roommate Wyatt—as they set out to bring the real criminals to justice and bring back Alex in time for graduation. But can they keep from getting killed in the process? And almost as important: 

Can they find out why the school cafeteria food sucks?

The Lakeview novels follow the high school adventures of two adopted sisters, Blakely and Halle, at the fictional Canadian Lakeview Academy. Despite the fact that in Book 1 (Hush), the graduating Blakely discovered her birthright entitled her to rule a small country, Halle modestly continues her studies at Lakeview where she enjoys her friends and solving the occasional ghost mystery (Book 2, Whisper). Hush has been optioned for a film.

The main idea for Scream came out of Stacey R. Campbell's own boarding school experience.

"After a year of complaining about the school’s food, they found out the school cook had been skimming from the school’s food budget to supplement his cocaine addiction," said Campbell. 

So is fiction stranger than truth? Or vice versa?

You be the judge.


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