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Marlan Warren is a free-lance publicist who promotes entertainers and book authors (Roadmap Communications and Book Publicity by Marlan, respectively). She is also a film maker (Roadmap Productions), Reiki Master/Teacher (Light Hands Reiki Studio and Institute), Screenwriter, Novelist, PhotoJournalist, Tai Chi practitioner. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thanks for the Kudos!

Kudos are always welcome here. Six degrees of separation makes the Internet vibrate.
These are for Maxine Nunes' amazing L.A. crime novel, Dazzled, and my Review:

Carolyn Howard-Johnson

2 days ago  -  Shared publicly
Aha! Marlan, I see you found one of my favorite authors and fun reads! And, as usual--your pages always look wonderful. You are the book world's treasure!

Marlan Warren
5 minutes ago
Thanks, Carolyn, for the compliments to Maxine Nunes and myself! She is a stunning writer. I hope her books will be read by everyone who loves to wallow in fine storytelling. As for me, after I won First Place at a library competition for the best book report, at age 9 I was hooked! 

Adrienne Goldstone

21 hours ago  -  Shared publicly
"Dazzled" is a top-notch mystery, thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying As the reviewer says, the juxtaposition of the intoxicating perfume of jasmine and the stench of the morgue create a compelling vision of the mobius strip of life in Los Angeles. Highly recommended!
Thank you, Adrienne Goldstone, for your thumbs-up on "Dazzled." Yesterday I came across a book about authors who wrote about L.A. Not one woman mentioned in that huge tome. Maxine Nunes evokes an L.A. so real you can smell it. Literally.