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Friday, July 24, 2015


Going to a Book Festival to show your book? Here's a helpful hint: 
MAKE A FLYER! Here are a couple I made recently for 2 books:

Author Tonya Russo Hamilton would be honored to speak at your event, and read/sign her children’s picture book, Tino & the Pomodori.

May you never lose your fascination in the magic of the seed.
—Tonya Russo Hamilton
TINO AND THE POMODORI invites us into the enchanting world of Tino, a boy living on a small farm in Italy who looks forward every year to helping his “nonno” (grandpa) plant tomato seeds so he can watch their magical and cyclical life stages. Based on stories the author’s father, Antonio Russo, told her about his boyhood in 1940s Italy.

A true reflection of Italian life, family relationships and their love of good food!
 —Rebecca Ponzi, Proprietor of Casal Cristiana Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Italy

Captures the magical love that brings generations together to nurture and celebrate the cycle of life. The whimsical illustrations evoke an Italy that lives on in cherished memories. A charming book that makes the soul smile!
 Dianne Hales, Author of La Bella Lingua

The watercolor illustrations are stunning…The story is simple, sweet, and reads easily. Children will pick up Italian words and phrases, learn about Italian culture, and have a subtle science lesson in the life cycle of the tomato plant.
—The Lovely Bookshelf Blog

Tonya Russo Hamilton is also the co-author of Wrestling with the Devil, which she wrote with her father, Antonio Russo—a memoir of his journey from Italy to Portland to the Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Author Website: http://figsandfamiglia.com

All Tonya Russo Hamilton’s books are available on Amazon. Book Orders of 5 or more may be ordered at Discount from Gemelli Press at http//www.gemellipress.com

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Authors Antonio Russo and Tonya Russo Hamilton would be honored to speak at your event and read/sign Antonio’s Memoir, Wrestling with the Devil.

I had an outlet for my demons.—Antonio Russo

WRESTLING WITH THE DEVIL (A Story of Sacrifice, Survival and Triumph from the Hills of Naples to the Hall of Fame) is a memoir with something for everyone, wrestler or not. Russo’s story gives a rare “insider” view of one determined immigrant’s journey from childhood in Italy to adolescence in Oregon to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in adulthood. As told by Antonio Russo to his daughter/co-author, Tonya Russo Hamilton.

An entrancing tale of perseverance, hard work and the pursuit of the American Dream. My reverie was broken only by surges of inspiration to make the best out of my life. —Jason Quick, The Oregonian

Captures the whole of the immigrant experience in America: the bravado, the ingenuity, the struggle for survival, and most of all, the grace and strength of the Italian-American family. Oral history at its most thrilling.—Merridawn Duckler, Senior Fellow, The Attic Institute, Portland, Oregon

An important contribution to the world of wrestling and a must-read for enthusiasts of the sport.—Curley Culp, NCAA Wrestling Champion, 1967 Arizona State University

An unexpected jewel amid a media landscape that has brought us many exaggerated or negative views of Italian life in America.—Roadmap Girl’s Book Buzz News

Tonya Russo Hamilton is also the author of Tino and the Pomodori, a beautiful children’s picture book that celebrates the life cycle of a tomato through the eyes of a child in an Italian garden. Author Website: http://figsandfamiglia.com

“When you work hard, good things happen.  My mother was right.”
—Antonio Russo

Available on Amazon. Book Orders of 5 or more may be ordered at Discount from Gemelli Press at http//www.gemellipress.com