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Monday, March 2, 2015

Kelli & Kelly Books for Kids rocked the "New Day" TV Talk Show Today!

Kelli Nielsen and Kelly Hawkins of Kelli and Kelly Books for Kids absolutely ROCKED Seattle's New Day TV Talk Show today! Congrats, Super Mother Publishers!

Want more info? Please check out http://www.iamnotsellingmytooth.com for reviews, photos, ordering info (Amazon) for "I AM NOT SELLING MY TOOTH!"

Here's the link for the awesome segment (Best Line: "Okay, which one of you is Kelly?"):

Title:                           I Am NOT Selling My Tooth!
Author:                      Kelli Nielsen                Illustrator: Kelly Hawkins
Publisher:                  Kelli and Kelly Books for Kids
Pub. Date:                  11/23/14                      Genre: Children’s Picture Book (Ages 2-8)
ISBN:                           978-1503366077
Pub. Website:             http://www.kelliandkellybooks.com/
Book Website:            http://goo.gl/bBzZk9
Contact:                     Author: kelliandkellybooksforkids@gmail.com   
 or Publicist                Book Publicity by Marlan   roadmap.girl@hotmail.com
Available at Amazon in Paperback (40 pgs) and Kindle:


Why can’t I just be small Austin and have small clothes,
small teeth and live with my mom and dad forever?

Austin is a child whose worries and fantasies reflect feelings children may have as they begin to realize that growing up means more than getting taller. He insists on coming to terms with change in his own way. Playful and original!
                  Leslie Bolinger, Children’s Librarian, San Diego, CA

I build dental offices, many of which cater to children, I will recommend this book to all my clients!—Bryan J. Alar

This book never talks down to children, but is right there with the child’s need to have some self-leadership in coping with life changes.—Midwest Book Review

Beautifully told and sweetly illustrated...a treasure for children young and old.
                  —Cate Anderson, Executive Director, Children’s Museum of Skagit County

About the Author and Illustrator
Kelli Nielsen and Kelly Hawkins are also the author and illustrator, respectively, of You Will Always Be My Son. Kelli is a Certified Life Coach and former European model whose two adventurous sons inspire her. Kelly is an artist and teacher whose two daughters’ wit, charm and silly moments provide continuous ideas for drawings. Natives of Skagit County, Kelli Nielsen lives in Everett, WA and Kelly Hawkins lives in Clear Lake, WA.